About Me

Tommy Slayton: Fluid-power designer, UAW Journeyman Tradesman, recording artist, professional bass guitarist, television presenter, product designer, hot-rod enthusiast & founder of BoogieTec.com.

“It’s not work, it’s passion that inspires you to make masterpieces.” Tommy Slayton

As a tradesman Tommy has had the honor to work on projects for: 

  • The space shuttle
  • Hubble space telescope
  • Patriot missile
  • Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • GM, Ford, Chrysler
  • Photovoltaic solar film

After the move from Detroit to the greater Nashville area, Tommy spends his time inventing/manufacturing products, recording & performing music.

Passionate about simplicity & the highest standards of excellence has helped Tommy have a great career & led him to this point of his inspired journey.